Spirituality at Riverside Christian College is like a golden thread running through all aspects of our life together and apart, it is seen and unseen, and taps into all aspects of the person - body, mind and spirit.

To walk in faith is to see a way to trustingly journey into the unknown reality of life with God and alive to hope.  On such a journey skills develop that will lead to the fruits of Endeavour for the enrichment of the wider community.  This wider community is seen when viewed as a community of faith whose mission owes allegiance to a Christian World View.  Spirituality is not easy defined or confined but here it is soundly grounded in the belief of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Christian principles, scripture, tradition, experience and reason.

The Theologian Writer and Social Activist, Charles Ringma says: Spirituality embraces all aspects of life.  From this perspective all of lifes experiences become the testing ground for linking faith and practice.  Therefore in being, living, doing, praying, serving, risking, loving, participating, we are weaving a pattern of understanding our spirituality.

Our non-denominational community is wide in its expression of spirituality and this is catered for in a variety of ways that assist the development of the whole person.  Our College upholds values that support the relational development of the whole person.  These virtues include: honesty, service to others, truthfulness, self discipline, kindness, peacefulness, mercy, orderliness, thoughtfulness, humility, patience, self discipline, inclusion, loyalty, courage, enthusiasm and reliability.  Programmes delivered through our Biblical Studies and Chapel activity, encourage the above qualities to develop through sound relationships.  It has been said that students here fell nurtured, valued and appreciated.  The type of environment that does it both spiritual and practical and cannot be separated.