Dynamic Assessment Tools

The road map for performance

Riverside Junior College uses a suite of assessment tools to enable us to precisely understand each individual child.  The information gathered regarding the child's knowledge and skills is analysed to guide the next phase of learning for the child.  Some of the assessment tools, unique to Riverside Christian College include:

  • Oral Language Assessment - OLA
  • Developmental Reading Assessment - DRA
  • Word Analysis - this assessment tool enables the teacher to observe how the reader attends to and works with the various components of spoken and written words.  The assessment tasks reflect what a developing reader needs to know and do in order to successfully problem solve unknown or less familiar words as they read.
  • Words Their Way Spelling Assessment - WTW
  • PM - this assessment tool enables the teacher to assess the child's individual reading ability.  Included in this assessment is the identification of a reading level, the ability of the child to read for meaning and the child's level of reading independence.

"The right road for success!"