Teachers & Learning

Teaching and learning

Riverside Christian College engages students with a world class learning model. The approach we have been refining since 2014 is delivering real academic results. The ‘value-add’ our teachers achieve has made our College a destination school for the region.

What works?

It is hard to find an educational strategy that doesn’t work. The trick is to understand what works best and to be disciplined enough to decide what not to do.

We look at the research and make professional decisions about what is the best methodology for the students in our care.

What do high achieving schools across the world say works best?

The excellent results we are achieving for students are founded upon four reform pillars.

1.       High expectations.

We are confident that all students can achieve to high standards given sufficient time and support. We have high expectations of not just behaviour but academics as well.

2.       A diagnostic tool which allows us to really know each student.

Riverside carefully uses tool to gather data about each child’s ‘learning shape’. We constantly measure what matters so we can ascertain what has been learnt and what is yet to be learned.

3.       Differentiating strategies and next steps for each individual student for their journey on the learning continuum.

Our teachers are learning designers and in this step they use their expert knowledge of what each student can do to activate their next level of achievement. This is where our high expectations are met with the clear expectations of Learning Goals, Success Criteria and Exemplars.

I know the precise needs of this student, I know the demands for the next step in learning, and I know research on strategies, SO- our best step forward for learning will be….

4.       Supporting and growing every teacher’s professional capabilities.

Riverside engages teachers in the highest quality professional learning strategies from across the globe. Our professional capital is fuelled by strong collegiality and a concern for all students, no matter if you teach them or not.

Throughout this educational reform process we intend to make learning ‘hard fun’. Our facilities are the envy of the Wide Bay and students are regularly engaged in creating real products for real audiences. They learn to high standards in a way that equips them for the future.

Where is our external validation?

We have had the privilege of sharing our approach with universities here and abroad, at the largest of educational conferences and with colleagues across all sectors of the Australian education scene. We have even gone back to Canada to remind them about the power of the approach that they pioneered.

We have the great joy of watching our academic results rise and surpass those of other similar schools. Riverside has achieved OP1 with the QCE and exceeded Australian averages in NAPLAN. We are very proud of our students’ achievements and well aware of how we educated them to get there.