HPV (Human Powered Vehicles)

Riverside Christian College has been involved in HPV now for over 5 years.  A human powered vehicle is a 3 or 4 wheeled trike being a single or tandem seat configuration.  Over this period the College has grown from 2 teams to 10 teams allowing over 100 students the opportunity to be involved.  They can compete in many events during the year having races at the Gold Coast, Willow Bank, Bundaberg, Benaraby and the big one Maryborough.  The Maryborough event is a 24-hour event where 8 riders and 2 pit crew can travel up to 700klms averaging speeds of 35klms.  It is a great test of Character, team work and endurance.  The Riverside Racing Team has gained many podium finishes over the years with our latest podiums in 2017 HopeLINK HPV Central Queensland Championships.  We are working hard to achieve the same results in Maryborough.

We aim to increase this range of options in line with student demand.