Junior College

The Junior School: Prep to Year 5

Riverside Christian College Junior School acknowledges the importance of providing an exemplary learning program for each student. These are crucial years and we must ensure a sound basis for future successful learning experiences of our students.

The Junior School houses students from Prep all the way to Year 5. Although the Year 5 students are relatively young, they are ready to take on leadership roles within their respective houses by the time they graduate from the Junior School. The School has a young and playful feel as the disparity in age is less than in traditional Prep to Year 7.

Teachers at each grade level are responsible for overseeing the welfare of each child in terms of their intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical and social development. Class sizes and year groups are small enough such that students are known personally throughout the junior school, with a total enrolment of just over 150 students.

People learn in different ways and at different rates. Our curriculum is therefore tailored to meet the learning needs of individual students in both content and presentation.