Junior College

The Junior School: Prep to Year 5

At Riverside the transition for students into school has been made so easy.

The reason why Junior College students at Riverside are so accomplished and blossom so well is due to the relationships developed between classroom teachers and their students.  We have dedicated staff, who are committed in supporting their students' academic growth, emotional and social well-being.  This framework provides students with a sense of community and security, which allows them to take on the academic challenges and develop life skills appropriate to their stage of development.

Staff believe that a progressive and positive learning climate fosters improvement to students' self-esteem, self discipline and responsible thinking.  By keeping close contact and communication between parents and school, Riverside understands the value of partnering with parents in this learning journey, supporting students to become ethical and valued members of their community now, and in the future.

We are a faith-based community.  We know that a life centred on God brings purpose and meaning.  The Bible contains great wisdom and truth that is applicable to every stage of life and we are passionate in sharing this.

Building futures ... Shaping lives!