The Library is open to all students from Prep to Year 12. It is composed loosely of two sections for students. One end catering for the Junior School and the other for Middle and Senior school.

Junior end of the library provides resources for borrowing, both fiction and non-fiction. There are chapter books for readers from year two to year five and Picture books for the younger grades. To encourage reading there is a reading pit which is used by all the classes.

As well as providing resources for borrowing there is also available, blocks, board games and craft items that can be used before school, during both breaks and after school. As the library is open from 8.00am until 4.00pm before and after school are popular times in the library. This area has bean bags and colourful seating. We have unique shelving like our ‘rocket-ship’ stand, circular tree like shelving, colourful boxes for the picture books and colourful furniture to enhance the fun feel of the library. There are lots of display boards around the room and they are always full of students works of art.

The other end of the library caters for Middle and Senior College students with lots of space for studying and relaxing. This area has café booths, stools, lounge chairs, bean bags and tables and chairs. The area is used by students during spare periods and small classes. It is always popular at lunch times for chess games and chill-outs. As there is a student printer here the majority of assignments are printed to the library so gets very busy on ‘due dates’. We also provide Fiction books for Senior College students (Year 10 to Year 12) and Middle College students (Year 6 to Year 9) as well as a small selection of Non-Fiction resources. This end also has the charging station that students can use to charge their devices during the day. You will see artwork displayed throughout this area as well as in the entrance which has been provided by our talented art students.

The library also houses ‘The Hub’ which is a room used by children with special needs during play time as well as during class time. This area is supervised by Learning Support staff.

As well as catering for students we also have our Teacher Reference Area combined with storage for Text Books, Class Novels and resources for our Distance Education students. We have three compactus in this area to cater for all needs. This space is also shared with the IT Department.

We have two staff rooms. One for Learning Support and one for Library and Pathway Coordinator staff.