Middle College


Riverside Middle College was intentionally introduced to cater for the unique needs of our young adolescents.  It also provides a seamless transition from primary schooling to secondary schooling, leading to improved academic outcomes, positive experiences in adolescence, and a desire and capacity for lifelong learning.  Riverside Middle College focuses on establishing academically rigorous and developmentally responsive educational learning contexts and experiences for our young adolescents.

How is our Middle College different from Secondary School?

The key to our success in Middle College is our Homeroom Structure. To support our students moving from primary school 'one-teacher-one-class' to an independent 'multiple-teachers-and-classrooms-throughout-the-day' secondary environment, Middle College provides gradual, increased independence with adult support.

In Year 6, the Homeroom Teacher is involved with the students for approximately 80% of the school day.  In Year 7, this contact decreases to about 70%.  By the time the students enter Year 8, the Homeroom Teacher will be teaching them for around 50% of the day.  In the final year of Middle College, the Year 9 Homeroom Teacher will be involved for around 20% of their subjects.

This gradual move from dependence to independence throughout the Middle College years prepares our students for Senior College, where they are expected to be more independent and self-reliant.  Our Homeroom structure enables students to be progressively taught the skills needed to be successful, independent learners.

The three R's

Riverside Middle College places importance on the three R's: Relationships, Resilience & Responsibility

Middle College: Combining traditional and innovative teaching methods with 21st Century technology.

Outside the Classroom

We see our Middle College students as being active members of the broader community and aim to be positive influence and blessing to all.