In Composition, students experiment with media and methods of documenting sound, to create music works.  They improvise, trial and refine their music ideas, working with sound in innovative ways to develop their work. 

In Musicology, students explore and engage with a variety of music contexts, styles, genres and practices.  They identify and investigate characteristics of the music they experience and communicate music ideas.  In Performance, students sing, play, conduct and direct music.  They develop practical music skills through exploring, applying and refining solo and/or ensemble performances and apply theoretical understanding, aural awareness and music technology skills when creating or re-creating music works.  Students are encouraged to become adept in using various music-related technologies and applying their broad music knowledge, skills and insights to express themselves in a rapidly changing music-making environment.


  • Fully equipped - Purpose built Classrooms
  • Recording studio
  • In-school private instrumental tutors: strings, guitar, drums, piano, brass, woodwind & voice
  • Brisbane Trip
  • Competitions: Maryborough Eisteddfod, Riverside Choir, Jazz and Rock Bands
  • Live performance: Mary Poppins Festival and Maryborough Street Parties