Prep @ Riverside

In their first year of school, a Prep student will learn through direct teaching, interactions with others, experimentation, practice and play, in the classroom and within the wider school community.

Priority is given to literacy and numeracy development, as these are the foundations upon which further learning is built.  In Prep, the Key Learning Areas of Heath and PE, Languages, Science, The Arts, Humanities and Technologies are formalised.  Specialist teachers deliver Language lessons (Japanese).  The Arts (music), and Health and PE lessons.

The Prep student’s worldview centres around the values, stories and histories of their families so it is only natural that the College celebrates Grandparent’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day by inviting these family members to special events.  Cross Country and Athletic Carnivals allow the Prep student to belong to the wider Riverside school community and introduce the Prep child to learning experiences outside the traditional classroom setting.

Riverside Prep Handbook