Scholarships & Bursaries

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On review of the Riverside Christian College Scholarship program it has been identified some of our current scholarship holders would be more suitably appropriated to the College Bursary program. In which case please refer to the definitions of both available programs and make your application accordingly. Students may only apply for either the Scholarship program or the Bursary program at any one time.



A scholarship is a set fees program awarded to a student meeting the specific scholarship criteria. A competitive process wherein students must demonstrate some kind of merit. Your child may excel in a particular discipline. 

To apply: click and download both the Riverside Christian College Scholarship Policy and Scholarship Application form.  Submissions are to be emailed to by 5.00pm Friday 18th October 2019.


The Bursary program was previously referred to as the fee concession program. A bursary is offered to students who, because of socio-economic or other circumstances lack the financial means to pay full fees. This process is based on financial need. Bursaries mean that the College is able to provide education for a wider student body and award equal opportunities to community members.

To apply: to request a Bursary Application form please email

Questions? Need more clarification please call 4123 1031 and ask to speak with Francie Grimward