Senior College

Welcome to the Riverside Christian College Senior School


Life as a senior school student is full of expectations. In particular there are expectations of achievement, responsibility and independence. Our senior students are required to make significant choices and decisions regarding their academic programs as well as demonstrate leadership and responsibility. Academically they have control over their own learning through their choice of subjects leading to a particular QSA based outcome. Academic achievement is their focus as they seek performance outcomes.

They are required to be personally responsible for decisions such as how best to use their study periods and associated freedoms. There are also a wealth of expectations associated with performance in sport, outdoor education and the creative and performing arts. Our students are supported by well qualified staff who are passionate about their subjects and provide the knowledge and motivation for the students to reach their potential.

We aim to prepare students for life through both OP & Non OP Pathways including a wide range of Certificate Courses.  Programs are developed with students to find the best fit for each individual:


  • wide course offering
  • high expectations
  • clear framework of personalised target setting
  • sound advice on course selection and career goals


  • influencing our community, our world
  • leadership courses and training
  • flexible structure
  • modelling standards

Service and Mission:

  • stirring passions
  • recognising need, equipping to help
  • established Mission focus
  • Mission programs with Fiji and Australian indigenous communities
  • At all times developing initiativeesteem and teamwork.

Our students graduate from Riverside Christian College into a variety of contexts.