Uniform Shop


Riverside students are required to wear the full uniform to and from the College and during College hours.   The Uniform is to be worn with pride and respect and parents/carers are asked to foster this in ensuring that the uniform is washed and pressed.

The Uniform Shop is situated on campus next to the College Reception building and is open by appointment, or set times during January school schools.  Mrs Linda Storrs will endeavour to be flexible to meet your appointment times and can be contacted on - 0429 787 982.

Uniform Price List

College Uniform Policy

Out of Uniform Days

There are special days which will be publicised, where students may attend school out of their uniform.  In such an event, parents and students will be advised what type of clothing ie: fancy dress/costume.  Clothing on these days must not contain offensive symbols or wording, singlet tops and short shorts are not acceptable.  Students wearing such will contact their parents to bring more appropriate clothing to change into.