Values and Ethos

Mission Statement

The College’s Mission is more than a series of words on a piece of paper.  It is the motivation powering everything that is done within the College.  It says:

Riverside Christian College seeks to provide excellence in education and inspire Christian character, empowering students to develop their potential and fulfil their God-ordained destiny.

In other words, the College wishes to provide a secure and supportive Christ-centred learning community where a commitment to excellence, creativity and service is encouraged and modelled.

Organisational Values

The organisational values of Riverside Christian College provide a user-friendly checklist against which all members of the College community can plan.  We value Christian character and Christ-like relationships.  We therefore value those things which would assist us in reflecting the College’s motto ‘Building Futures, Shaping Lives’.

The values have been formalised as a RiSe CoDe.

Where such values underpin all activities at the College.  Elements of the RiSe CoDe are:

Ri - Right Choices

Central to understanding of Right choices is the Biblical theme of worship.  The choices we must have Christian values as their north point.  Just like God did in the Garden of Eden, schools must allow for choice and make plain their rewards.

Se - Service

We minister one to the other when we engage in acts of service.

Co - Compassion

The Christian value of compassion is the glue of fellowship.  As our concern for the best for others translates into action, belonging grows.

De - Dedication

God both equips us and hardwires us to be creative and enjoy an ever-growing skillset.

There is an additional implied biblical understanding within the expected conduct of these four value sets:

  • me to we: right choices to compassion

The purpose of developing my character through right choices is to positively engage with my community. Belonging is grown through the work and interactions of those who speak up and do good.

  • grow to give: dedication to service

Purpose is found when we use the 'know and do' of who we are to make a useful difference in the lives of others and this world.  Purpose is not found in using my skills and abilities to serve myself, but in serving others.

Our Purpose

A Clear Vision

Our mission is simple: Excellence in Education, Christianity in Action. We partner with students to help them achieve the highest possible academic outcomes, whilst providing the support and care that each student needs to excel and be equipped for life.

Excellence in Education

Our focus is that students will be motivated by a dynamic learning environment, developing as engaged, focused and independent learners. Our goal is that education will open journeys of opportunity for our students, releasing abilities they have never experienced before, and seeking the highest possible academic outcomes.

The staff at Riverside Christian College are a team of united, innovative professionals who want the very best for their students. Student’s education is enriched by inspired and motivated staff, with a strong focus on Professional Development, new opportunities and research into best practice standards from around the world.

Christianity in Action

The solid educational focus at Riverside Christian College is partnered with a genuine care and concern for our students. Student care is treated with diligence and enthusiasm, where every student is seen as a unique, valued individual. Strategies are in place to ensure no one is missed. Every grade, from Prep to Year 12, has a team of dedicated staff focused on student care, with both a Pastoral Care teacher and Chaplain available to all students.

We believe that caring for students is a demonstration of God’s love. As we nurture and support students, they are in turn encouraged to live a life where they care for and serve each other. Our vision is for students to love life and in doing so gain a deep hope that will transform their world.

There are many opportunities for students in every grade to impact their world. Student-led initiatives raise support and awareness of global issues, whilst national and international mission trips provide students in Senior Years with opportunities to make a difference first-hand.

Our Philosophy

At Riverside we believe that the purpose of all schools is to educate. The purpose of a Christian school is to educate from a Biblical perspective where Biblical values and principles underpin everything we do.

Education should encompass a variety of domains - spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic and demonstrate an understanding that all these domains interrelate and do not exist in isolation to each other. This understanding has a direct impact on the presentation and provision of teaching and learning opportunities. Further, it is recognized that individuals do not exist in isolation to each other; each is important to the Body and their unique gifts and abilities are to be developed for the common good.

It is important that schools provide students with the necessary scaffolding to successfully advance in their learning. This necessitates a thorough understanding of the requirements of each individual in each domain of learning. Clear educational goals, programmes, assessment and evaluation procedures must be developed to deliver a differentiated, comprehensive curriculum that reflects not only the needs of the students and their families but also the needs of the community. Schools themselves do not exist as isolated entities but are part of a much wider community society.

Riverside Christian College - seeks to provide excellence in education and inspire Christian character to empower students to develop their potential and become active citizens who aim to make a difference as adults. The foundational stage to achieving this is to provide a clear understanding of the values upon which our learning program is based, the purposes for which we are educating, and the contexts in which the learning occurs.