Visual Art

The ability to think creatively and critically is an essential skill in a world that is continuously developing at a fast pace.  Visual Art aims to provide students with the skills to develop their artist practice through problem solving and critical thinking.  Students are given multiple opportunities to experiment with a range of mediums to develop their skills and techniques.  We have a strong focus on visual literacy, looking at how meaning is communicated in a non-verbal form.  Students will gain a stronger awareness of the world around them and how meaning is communicated through the careful manipulation of techniques and processes.

Digital Media studies aims to provide students with the skills to operate industry standard programs, whilst developing their design awareness and creativity.  Students will learn to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Animate where they will be able to create images, manipulate photos and produce animations.


  • New Purpose built Art classrooms, with modern architectural design and personals studio workspaces for Senior VA students
  • Exhibition - Riverside and Community Gallery
  • Sydney Trip - Archibald Prize/NSW Art Gallery, workshops, Studio Galleries, Street Art/Graffiti Art, Modern Art Gallery, Wearable Art, Creative Generation participation.